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Many of the Friends asked me if we can get a work visa and come to Germany? what is your opinion? I say if your parents has money, yes. The minimum rent for a house is 1000€ and for a room 500€. Consider the cost of food, electricity and telephone as 5 00€. Now 50€ less and more. It will cost you about 2000 Euro monthly . You may get a job for one month, you may not get a job. I think who work with test automation, Python and Java have a better chance. That’s my opinion.

Opportunities for Job Seeker is to come here and look for a job in Germany. I offer you, apply from home, come with a job offer. There is some tips for me.
Write a German resume. Even if you don’t speak German, write a cover letter, preferably in German. Choose southern states like Munich and choose western states like NRW because of the quality of life. If you like Iranians community , choose Frankfurt and Hamburg. you want to choose a country for your life that will improve the situation, not to suffer here, mourn homelessness, and then return. who register the company are so, so ahead, then they can’t execute their business plan, they have to say goodbye. Dear friends , what is your business, what do you want to work somewhere, you first need to know, what you want. IT experts are needed all over the world, especially in Germany. In Germany there is a new law to protect the entry of IT expert, but don’t expect them to send you a taxi home. First you have to try it yourself. Reza March 28, 2021 – Germany –

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